Visual identity

LIST is one of the leading Slovenian architecture and design studios with more than 27 years of work experience and 1000+ successful projects all around Slovenia and abroad. It specializes in architectural planning of living spaces and the reorganization of production and business areas.

The company has been using it’s initial visual identity for nearly 25 years and so it was about time to breath some fresh air in and build new (visual) foundations that will represent the company for many years to come.

Now, to explain a bit of a back story behind the redesign, I need to mention two things. One; word ‘LIST’, used as a company name, is quite a word play in Slovene language. It literally means two things; first, a plant leaf and second, a single sheet of paper (back in pre-computer days architectural planning was done using these, in case you’ve wondered…). And as such, it can be perfectly merged into two contrasting meanings for sustainability-oriented architecture and design studio. And that’s what we’ve kept in mind in our redesign process.

Take a look at some bits and pieces below.

CLIENT: LIST / architecture + design studio
TYPE OF WORK: Visual identity
STATUS: In progress


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